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Are you still vexing about prank calls and messages? You need the protection from the app named Call Blocking Blacklist!It can give you as high level of security as your own security guard does!It can block all the repeated prank calls and the calls you don’t feel like to answer.【Features】Reject phone numbers on blacklist.1. Select the model “Only block the names on blacklist” in settings.2. Register to blacklistRegister the contacts you dislike to answer to blacklist.List → Blacklist → AddFour accesses to blacklist:Direct input, import from contacts, import from received calls and import from SMS.→Three choices for intercept objects:・Phone call and SMS・Only phone call・Only SMS※You can select from 4 kinds of models as you like.【Block all】→ Block all the phone calls and short messages.【Only block the blacklisted】→Only block the contacts on your blacklist.【Only permit the white-listed】→Only permit the contacts on your white list.【Only permit the white-listed and saved contacts】→Only receive phone calls and short messages from those who on your white list or on your contacts.■Receive notice■With a tick on the option, blocked calls will be show on the system status bar for your confirmation.■Blocking records retention■You can check the blocked phone calls and short messages in history records.You can confirm your login here in case of carelessly operation, please rest assured.If you made it wrong, you can re-log in the app immediately.[Support]In order to improve our apps, please feel free to contact us anytime by sending an email at "". Please let us know the problem, your phone model and version of Android you use. We are trying our best to solve the problems of our products and services to further improve it. Thank you for your support.
Android is an open source operating systems and this is one of the reasons that there are so many apps developed for it.Call Blocking Blacklist is an app that can be installed on mobile phones that run on Android only, so if you have an iPhone or Windows Mobile don\'t download it as you won\'t be able to install it.
In order to download Call Blocking Blacklist and install it on your phone, all you have to do is scan with your phone the QR Code that you see on the page above. Your phone will automatically start the download the 1.6M setup for this app from its location (<package_name>.apk). If you don\'t have a QR Code scanner you can click on the Download button and you\'ll be redirected to the download location (please note that you have to visit this page from your mobile phone if you can\'t or don\'t want to use the QR Code scanner).
The latest version was released on 2012-06-05 and as mentioned above is compatible only with Android 1.6 and up. If you would like to find other similar apps just browse through the list of apps from the Tools category.
For any problems or questions about using this app, feel free to ask on our forum.

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